Which Describes the Technology Used by the Intoxilyzer?

Which best sums up the Intoxilyzer’s technology? The Intoxilyzer gauges ethanol’s infrared absorption.

Similarly, Which is a typical function of a paint’s additive?

To solve these problems, additives are often included into the paint. In this situation, the additives’ typical function is to reduce the surface tension of the coatings in order to make up for impurities with low surface energy present on the substrate, such as oil, wax, grease, etc.

Also, it is asked, Which layer helps the paint adhere to the bare metal of the vehicle?

Primarily, automobile primer aids in the paint’s adherence to bare metal. The glossy metal surface, whether it is new or old, won’t properly bind with the paint without primer acting as a buffer. This causes peeling, flaking, and finally rust, which quickly reduces a functional automobile to garbage.

Secondly, What is DNA typing used for?

The medical diagnostic application of DNA typing—analysis of disease-causing genes based on comparison of a patient’s DNA with that of family members to examine inheritance patterns of genes or with those of reference standards to identify mutations—is the root of its usage in forensics.

Also, Which technique would be best for bringing out the details of a shoe print impression in sand?

Which method would be most effective in highlighting the specifics of an oily shoeprint or footprint? using sulfur in casting. With this method, a footprint’s three-dimensional imprint in a soft substance is filled (plastic footprint).

People also ask, What type of paint is used on cars?

Polyurethane acrylic enamel paint

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How do you paint bare metal?

Apply a rust-inhibiting primer before painting new metal surfaces after removing grease with mineral spirits. To guarantee effective adhesion, dust should be removed from painted surfaces that are in good condition, the surface should be de-glossed with moderate sanding, and mineral spirits should be wiped over the area.

What is used as binder in oil colour?

Tinseed oil

What are binders in paint production?

Paint-related binders The primary component of paints is binder. Binders are polymers (resins) that create an ongoing coating on the surface of the substrate. Binders are in charge of the coating’s successful adherence to the substrate. The pigment particles dispersed throughout the coating are held together by the binder.

Which is the function of a paints binder quizlet?

It transports the pigment and keeps the paint together. Chalk is a natural adhesive that is used on interior walls.

What were arches used for in ancient Rome?

The arch was utilized by the ancient Romans to build bridges and aqueducts that allowed them to colonize Europe and the Middle East. They employed the arch to construct vaulted ceilings and dome roofs for bigger, more robust, more expansive public structures that could accommodate hundreds of people.

How was the arch built?

On foundations that are roughly 60 feet deep, the 142 parts of the Gateway Arch were built piece by piece. Every segment resembled a steel triangle that became smaller as it approached the summit. The components were raised into position using massive cranes and derricks.

Which describes an arch in forensic science?

The most basic fingerprint is an arch. They are created by ridges that enter and leave the print on opposite sides (no deltas are present). Describe a fingerprint with whorls.

What is DNA technology?

The sequencing, analysis, and copying and pasting of DNA constitute DNA technology. DNA sequencing, polymerase chain reaction, DNA cloning, and gel electrophoresis are examples of common DNA technologies.

What techniques are used to analyze DNA?

The polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, is a method that copies certain portions of the DNA after separating it from its cells. Millions of copies of each target DNA segment are produced by PCR, making it possible to analyse very small quantities of DNA.

What techniques are used for DNA profiling?

Short tandem repeats, a kind of polymorphism, are used in one of the current methods for DNA profiling. Regions of non-coding DNA called short tandem repeats (STRs) have repetitions of the same nucleotide sequence. For instance, the STR GATAGATAGATAGATAGATA repeats the nucleotide sequence GATA six times.

What are some techniques that crime scene technicians can use to document and collect footwear and tire track evidence at a crime scene?

There are four fundamental ways to document shoe prints at crime scenes. Photography. Documentation/Sketching. Casting. Lifting.

How are shoe prints processed?

This is a glass or acrylic sheet that has side illumination. The calibration of the light ensures that it completely reflects within the sheet. Total internal reflection is broken when a shoe comes into touch with the waveguide’s surface, allowing light to pass through and be dispersed on the shoe’s surface.

What is the process of painting a car?

Preparation Step 1: Pick a Location Wisely. You must choose an appropriate place for your DIY project before you start painting. Step 2: Get rid of the trim, dents, and rust. 3rd step: Sand. Fourth, clean. Tape Surfaces is Step 5. 6th step: prime. Step 7: Permit the primer to dry. Sand once again in step eight.

What do you need to paint a car?

You’ll need wet-and-dry sandpaper with grits of 1200 and 2000, a powered sander, masking tape, making paper, a spray gun, an air compressor, paint thinners, primer, an acrylic topcoat, clear-coat lacquer, and a buffer to mask off the portions you don’t want painted. Face masks and safety glasses are also required.

How do you reduce Eastwood epoxy primer?

A 1:1 mixture may be reduced by up to 20% using a urethane-grade reducer or other suitable solvent solution to lessen film build. Additionally, by doing this, epoxy primer’s flow and leveling may be enhanced. To prevent any compliance problems, Eastwood advises utilizing a Zero-VOC reduction.

Why is a binder important for coloring materials?

The pigment particles are contained by the binder, which keeps them in place. In comparison to dyes, pigments generate paints that are less tintable and more opaque.

What is a binder?

1: a creature or device that binds things (such as books) 2a: a binding-related term. a typically removable cover (b) (as for holding sheets of paper)

What material is used to make paint?

The three main categories of raw materials are pigments (such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, etc.), solvents (such as mineral turpentine), and resins and additives. Finely crushed solids in a variety of hues are called pigments, and they are used in paint to provide color, tenacity, consistency, and other qualities.


The “which has a flattened tube-like fiber” is the technology used by the Intoxilyzer. This device uses infrared light to detect alcohol in breath.

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The “which is not true of strs” is a technology used by the Intoxilyzer. The machine uses a combination of infrared and laser light to detect alcohol in the breath.

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