When Was the First Technology Invented?

A look at the history of technology and some of the most important inventions that have shaped our world.

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The first technology

The first technology was invented in the early 19th century. The Industrial Revolution saw the development of new technologies such as the steam engine and the looms. These technologies revolutionized manufacturing and transportation. The 19th century also saw the development of new communication technologies such as the telegraph and telephone.

The first electronic device

The first electronic device was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, who is also known for inventing the telephone. The device, called the “telephone repeater,” amplified sound signals so that they could be heard over long distances.

The first digital computer

The first digital computer was built in 1930s. Atanasoff–Berry computer, Colossus, Harvard Mark I are some of the early computers.

The first video game

Most people would say that the first video game was created in 1967, when a group of students at MIT created a game called “Spacewar!” on a computer. However, there is some evidence that a man named A.S. Douglas created a very similar game on an EDSAC computer in 1952.

The first smartphone

Apple’s iPhone was not the first smartphone on the market, but it was the device that popularized the smartphone category and changed the way we think about and use these devices. Prior to the iPhone, smartphones were primarily used as mobile email devices for business users. The iPhone, with its large multi-touch display, easy-to-use interface, and powerful set of built-in applications, made them must-have devices for consumers and ushered in a new era of mobile computing.

The first social media platform

The first social media platform was created in July of 2003. It was called Six Degrees and it allowed users to create a profile and connect with other users. The site was shut down in 2011.

The first camera

The first camera was invented in the early 1800s by French inventors Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. The daguerreotype, the first commercially successful camera, was introduced in 1839. The daguerreotype used a copper plate coated with silver and exposed to iodine vapor to produce a direct positive image.

The first TV

In 1884, Paul Nipkow, a 23-year-old German university student, was issued a patent for his design of the first electromechanical television system, called the Nipkow disk. The device used a spinning disk with a spiral pattern of holes that allowed it to scan lines of text and images onto a screen.

The first microwave

The first microwave was invented in 1946 by Percy Spencer. Spencer was working for Raytheon at the time, and he discovered that microwaves could be used to cook food when he noticed that the chocolate bar in his pocket had melted while he was working on a radar project. The first commercial microwave was released by Raytheon in 1955 and was called the Radarange. It was large, expensive, and difficult to use, but it quickly became popular in restaurants and other commercial kitchens.

The first laptop

The first laptop was invented in 1981 by Adam Osborne.

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